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moreska sword dance

Summer performances


Moreška Sword Dance summer performances:
June & September until mid October on Thursdays at 21:00
July & August on Mondays & Thursdays at 21:00
Summer cinema - Korčula

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: A Detox to Retox Adventure

The Huffington Post
Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
A Detox to Retox Adventure!

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New year, new start. It's time to start living...


Opening ceremony
16.06.2017. at 8pm - Korčula town
Under the patronage of the President of Republic of Croatia,
Mrs. Kolinda Grabar–Kitarović


1. Festival opening ceremony on 16.6.2017 at 8 pm in Korčula town
2. Sallyport Sword Dancers performances on 17.6.2017 in Korčula town - link
3. Sallyport Sword Dancers performance on 18.6.2017 in Vela Luka, link

Marco Polo

Permanent exhibition

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Watch Marco Polo embark on a journey from Korčula, see him in a desert caravan, follow him to the palace of the famous Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan in one of the seven exhibition halls bringing to life his adventures with outstanding set design and hyper-realistic figures of the same caliber as those used on sets in Hollywood.

A capella Kumpanji's concert


Marco Polo Challenge
On April 29th

1500 m swimm-40 km bike-10 km run

more about triathlon

Triathlon - Marco Polo Challenge 2017 consists of:
1500 m swim + 40 km bike + 10km run.
Korcula triathlon represents the official opening of the Croatian triathlon season and is open to all interested, licensed racers and amateurs
Offical website link.

Korčula Tourist Board - 'The best tourism web site 2014.'

When: Thursday on March the 13th.
Where: Hypo Center Zagreb
Korčula Tourist Board won
'The best tourism web site 2014.' in Awarding Ceremony Masterweb rewards
'Najbolja web stranica u turizmu 2014'
Web site link

Korkyra info - Shuttle bus airport Dubrovnik Korcula


Dubrovnik Airport-Vela–Luka-Korčula-Dubrovnik Airport
30.04. - 01.10.

Time table

Shuttle Bus Dubrovnik Airport-Vela–Luka-Korčula-Dubrovnik Airport 30.4.-1.10.2017.

New York Times - 52 places to go in 2016

New York Times
52 Places to Go in 2016

New York Times article

It’s a big world out there, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. From ancient temples to crystalline waters, here are our top destinations to visit this year.

The Huffington Post - Doček Pola Nove Godine

The Huffington Post
30 Things to Do
in Europe Before You Die

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Korcula Holy week

During the HOLY WEEK

three brotherhoods
All Saints,Saint Rocco,Saint Michael
colourfully process through the town


During Holy Week three brotherhoods colourfully process through the town - All Saints, Saint Rocco, and Saint Michael. Their costumes and religious regalia are especially impressive.
The halls of the confraternities have exhibits evoking the rich history and high aesthetic criteria of Korčulans over the centuries.
Of particular note are the "torci" - wax candles which are carried in processions around the town, some of which weigh up to 73 kilos.
They are given names like "Zero", "Primo" etc depending on the weight.

An der Heilige Woche zieht auch die Prozession aller drei Brüderschaften (aller Heiligen, des Hl. Michaels und des Hl. Rochus) durch die Stadt. Besonders eindrucksvoll sind die Gewänder, das Inventarium und die riesigen Kerzen, die in der Prozession getragen werden.
Im Saal den Bruderschaften sind viele Exponate, die über die hohen ästhetischen Kriterien der Bewohner von Korčula in den vergangenen Jahrhunderten zeugen.
Besonders interessant sind "torci" – Wachskerzen, die in den Prozessionen rund um die Stadt getragen werden; sie wiegen bis zu 73 Kilogramm und je nah Gewicht werden sie auch benannt - "Zero", "Primo" usw.

C'est aussi l'occasion de voir la grande procession des trois confréries avec leur inventaire magnifique. Ces processions sont surtout impressionnantes les jours de la Semaine Sainte.
La cour de la confrerie est pleine de pièces qui témoignent d'une histoire riche et des critères esthétiques élevés des habitants de l'île dans les siècles passés.
Les cierges en cire „torci“, employés pendant les processions autour de la ville, sont particulièrement intéressants parce qu'ils pèsent jusqu'à 73kg et obtiennent leur nom en fonction du poids, par exemple "Zero", "Primo" et autres.

Un'occasione per vedere la grande processione di tre confraternità: San Rocco, San Michele e Ognissanti. Quelle processioni sono le più interessanti nei giorni della settimana santa. Le sale delle Confraternità è piena di reperti che testimoniano la ricca storia e gli alti criteri estetici dei cittadini di Korčula nei secoli passati. Particolarmente interessanti sono i torci - le candele di cera che si portano nelle processioni intorno alla città, che pesano fino ai 73 kg, ed a dipendenza del peso, sono nominate - Zero, Primo ecc..

Advent in Korcula



Advent in Korčula
Disco Ice-skating

Makarunada Žrnovo Island Korčula


Žrnovo, August 7th


Traditional gastro event in Žrnovo (3 km from Korčula town) starts with makaruni, lokal home made pasta workshop.
Makaruni, pasta is traditionally served with meat sauce.
Do not miss to taste this delicious meal in authentic atmosphere!
(Photo: Marija Farac)

6. Pošip Days - Smokvica-Čara


23. - 31. 07. 2016

6. Pošip Days 23.-31.7.2016.
Smokvica and Čara
Opening ceremony 23.7.2016 in Smokvica at 9 pm
Days of opened wine cellars 24.-31.7. in Smokvica and Čara
Wine night 31.7.2016 in Zavalatica at 9 pm

Let's dance Korcula

Exhibition opening

Korčula, July 20 at 8 pm2016

Exhibition opening "Moštra from Žrnovo" and Moštra –single chain sword dance performance on St. Marks Square in Korčula-July 20 at 8 pm
July 20-August 13
Click here for the Korčula Sword Dance Festival Programme 2016
Author photo : Lujo Frlan


Korkyra info - Shuttle bus Airport DUbrovnik - Korcula - Korčula

Tip Travel Magazin - Korčula

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: A Detox to Retox Adventure

New York Times preporučio Korčulu

New York Times preporučio Korčulu

Triathlon-Marco Polo Challenge 2017-Korčula


Marko Polo Exhibition

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