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Begunin 1926
The waterpolo tradition in Korčula begun in 1926

The waterpolo tradition begun in 1926, when the sport was played off the beaches of Banje, Zakrjan, Sv. Nikola and Strečica, near the town of Korčula.

Famous early players were: Dušana Arneri, Rafo Ivančević, Jozo and Mile Fazinić, Stijepo Marinović and Mladen Foretić.
KPK was founded in 1930 and matches were played against teams from the neighborough.

The first president was Svetko S. Tedeschi Santo.

EuropeanWaterpolo Cup
KPK won, in 1979, the European Waterpolo Cup

KPK won, in 1979, the European Waterpolo Cup thanks to the following golden team:

Milovan Tomić, Uroš Marović , Ivo Lozica, Boško Lozica, Perica Richter, Žarko Lozica, Slobodan Trifunović, Bojan Lozica, Nebojša Jeričević, Perica Radonić, Marinko Bojić and Velebit Veršić trained by Dušan Dule Antunović.

Ten players of the European Cup winnng team were from Korčula, marking a great achievement for a town with 2500 inhabitants.

Korčula TownWaterpolo Tournament
Korčula Town Waterpolo Tournament

The most attractive sport event of the year is the Korčula Town Waterpolo Tournament organized by Sv. Todor association usually held in two days time at the beginning of August.

Korčulans cheer their teams to victory while singing their club anthem.

KPK 1926

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