Čara in Brief

In Čara, next to the parish church of Saint Peter, in the middle of the village, grows an old cypress which is protected under Croatian laws for the preservation of nature.
The best known product of Čara, besides extra quality olive oil, is the famous white wine Pošip.
The winery and olive press are situated at the edge of the wine yards. Wine tasting in one of Čara′s family wineries is something you should not miss.
The church of Our Lady of Čara Field from the 14th century has a lavish marble altar and alabaster reliefs. It is a famous island pilgrimage shrine. The road leads from the fertile field to the pebble beach in the Bay of Žitna and the nearby Bay of Zavalatica where it is possible to rent holiday houses, apartments and rooms.

Čara short Tour



Opposite the parish church of Saint Peter in the village centre, there is a monument to the legendary brothers Crnomiri. Under the leadership of Petar Črnomir, they offered resistance to the Venetian duke, who was extorting tribute in the 11th century. The duke captured and executed Petar, but the brothers and the whole village rose up, defeated the duke's soldiers and killed the duke as an evil-doer. This legend has survived for centuries and still lives in the minds of peasants from Čara.

Čara Korčula - Brothers Crnomiri


Old customs have been preserved in the village: the best known being the sword battle 'Kumpanija' as well as the old dances performed by young men and girls. Kumpanija, is performed every year on July the 25th on the feast of St. Jacob.
The tradition of singing Dalmatian popular folk songs has also been preserved.

Kumpanija Žrnovo Korčula


The Church of Our Lady in the Field lies in the beautiful Field of Čara on the way to the bay of Zavalatica. It was built in 1329 and reconstructed in the 17th century. A young shepherdess from Čara had a vision of the Our Lady in the bay of Čavića Luka on July the 25th, 1686.
Christians from all over the island go on pilgrimage to this church during two Catholic feasts: July 25th, the feast of Saint Jacob the protector of Čara, and the feast of Mala Gospa, on September 8th.

Crkva Gospa od Čarskog polja

white wine

Pošip is native to Korčula and something of a world rarity as we know the exact place of its discovery and the name of the grape grower who discovered it in the late 19th century. It is one of the first white wines to be protected by Croatian law.
Pošip is traditionally grown in the central area of the island in the villages Smokvica and Čara, and has lately spread to other vineyards in the region.
The wine is of splendid, straw-golden yellow colour. Rich and heavy it leaves a thick trail in the glass, and is pleasant, harmonious and full-bodied on the palate. Pošip is a perfect companion to all fish, shellfish and white meat dishes.

Pošip-one of the first white wines to be protected by Croatian law

It is best served at a temperature of 12-14 °C. Pošip-one of the first white wines to be protected by Croatian law.